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Your Homebuyers are the Story

February 9, 2021

I make an effort to talk to all of our early adopters of the product to get insightful feedback that helps shape the way you do visual storytelling.

Playing the role of CEO in a startup means you wear many hats – leader, designer, janitor, and user researcher.

Last week, I sat down with a woman who started to onboard into our product and look through our templates for her industry. Her background isn’t one that you might expect from a realtor. She spoke about being a recovering computer programmer who left the industry to do something meaningful and that would have an impact. She chose real estate in the small city of Iowa that she lives in. In the beginning of our chat, there was one particular piece of feedback she honed in on for me.

“I didn’t see any templates to help me tell the story of my clients.”

She was right. Sure, the templates of a house or introducing the realtor come standard, but she was looking for more than a testimonial slide within a realtor’s story. There was an opportunity to tell a bigger story here. She shared that the reason she chooses her job everyday is because she gets to play a pivotal, impactful role in finding a home for her clients. That’s her magic. That’s what lights her up and has her loving her job everyday.

I hear you loud and clear. Homebuyers have a story too. Amplify it.

With her feedback, here’s the first of many templates that help tell stories from the other side of the For Sale sign – from the buyers’s side.

What’s your most inspiring or moving story you have as a realtor?