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Introducing Creator Collages

April 13, 2023

Design for Creators

Last week, we launched Creator Collages for Stagger users. It's been a feature that the team and I have been focused on launching to make it easier for content creators to design more unique and engaging content for their social channels. Why is this important? Capturing the attention of your followers is getting increasingly more difficult as the web continues to flood with content. Creators want to create and then engage. So we focused on making it super quick and easy to select your images, take a few deep breaths, and then have a collage waiting for you to export. It's that easy? It's this easy 👇

Why Focus on Content Creators?

Stagger started in 2019 as an iOS app designed to let creators tell continuous stories using their Instagram carousel. As Stagger has evolved, we've watched creators struggle to find the right template, tell the right story, or create content that engages their audience. Helping creators has been the core of our ethos since day 1. Today, everyone from small business owners to YouTube streamers are using platforms to sell their product or endorse others. It's been Stagger's goal to help them create content that helps them stand out from their crowd of competition.

What's Next

After launching v1 of Creator Collages, we're excited to continue to evolve it. We're continuing to improve the platform on its object identification in photographs and intuitively designing layouts that we know match your brand. The more you create for your brand, the more we learn about you to help automate your process.

Try it out and design your own Creator Collage