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Real Estate Content That Personally Inspires Me

May 9, 2022

In a past life, I think I was an interior designer or a house flipper – or something to do with real estate in general. When I was younger, my mother always instilled the notion in me that I need to invest in real estate at the earliest chance I could. I grew up watching her do small home renovation projects, painting walls, and driving through neighborhoods to see what open houses were available. At the time, I had little interest and I’d rather spend time on the computer than picking out paint swatches. Cut to years later as an adult, I bought my first house at 21 and instantly understood what my mother had always been so intrigued with.

Being a self-proclaimed introvert, my home has always been a place of sanctuary for me. It’s important for me to have the walls around me feel purposeful and intentional. They say never to get attached to a house. That is near impossible for me after the time I take to curate a space that fills me with such joy. I’ve bought and sold 8 properties to date with the latest purchase closing in March of 2022. Every single house I have owned has had some major renovation done to it that was inspired by something I’ve seen or stayed at in my time.

I follow a lot of brands on Instagram that are related to interior design, design builds, and realtors. I’m always looking at trends that catch my eye or have a design aesthetic that appeals to my design preferences.

A good before-and-after post always catches my attention. They are true testaments to what can be imagined if you can look past the current bones of a house and use your imagination. Well-shot photography makes a brand’s product or project stand out from their competition who may not pay as much attention to detail. Brightly lit and beautifully staged photos tend to earn a tap of the “like” button in the midst of my scrolling. 

Here are a few brands that do these things well:

  • Before and After Example A 
  • Before and After Example B - If you’re looking for a great source of content for interior design inspiration, Em Henderson doesn’t disappoint. Curating a plethora of imagery taken of her own spaces mixed with other talented designers’ spaces, her Instagram serves up plenty of imagery that will provoke new ideas.
  • Stunning Photography – Lake Flato is a local architect firm here in Austin/San Antonio that has designed some award-winning houses and buildings all over the US. One of my favorite design decisions that Lake Flato does is the ability to adapt their design nicely to its outdoor surroundings. Mixed materials used in each of their projects gives me inspiration to step away from my comfort zone when looking at materials of my own for house projects.
  • KB Contractors – I discovered KB Contractors when I was walking in my neighborhood and they were working on a neighbor’s yard. Interested in what they were building, I looked them up on Instagram and saw that they take a very unique and thoughtful approach to their grid. It tells a story from one thumbnail to another using photography of their perfectly executed projects from landscaping to pergola design. I don’t spend enough time in my outdoor spaces but it’s next on my list!

With inspiration from accounts like these, I’ve been able to transform spaces from blah to beautiful. Take a look at some before and after photos of a tiny little condo in one of my favorite corners of the US – Portland, Maine.

And to highlight a more recent project, you can see one of our very own Stagger Flyers showcasing a before-and-after renovation of a custom-built loft completed late last year. 

What inspires you and the place you call home?