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How Social Can Be Your Realtor’s New Yard Sign

January 19, 2021

Remember when we wrote about the big exodus of the tech scene choosing between Austin or Miami? It’s still happening.

Over the weekend, Miami’s Mayor sat in a “virtual dinner party” inside the new drop-in chat app, Clubhouse. Thousands of people listened in as he told his story of why Miami deserves to be the new tech hub of the US. His story addressed issues of Miami succumbing to climate change and ending up under water. He highlighted quick flights to anywhere in the world given the MIA airport being a traveler’s hub. The list goes on and on.

The conversation has continued to generate additional news articles and more tweets full of people looking for advice on cities. (See links to tweets below.) Here’s where you, as a realtor, have an opportunity to bring storytelling to an audience craving your city’s best-kept secrets.

If you do any quick search in Twitter on “[insert city here] food recommendations” or “buying a house in [insert another city here]“, you’ll find a stream of people looking for advice. People are ready to make a move and have no idea where to start. A simple way to start generating a community around your content is to start engaging with some first.

First, create a series of stories.

When you discover what topics are trending in categories that you can offer value, create a story around it. For example, if you focus on specific neighborhoods within your city that are getting a lot of eyeballs, tell that story. If you keep a running list of the hot spots to dine at and coffee shops with the best caffeine, make it known.

Here’s an example of a Stagger template that you can use to get started.

Host your stories on your blog or post them to your social media.

Second, start interacting.

Find these socials posts and reply. You’ll quickly discover how fast other people who are following them will bring a wave of others finding themselves to your content. When you’re replying, direct them to the content you’ve designed and let them walk through your story at their own pace. Keep searching, keep interacting.

Tell stories that have the community who is looking for a new place to call home look to you as the person to rely on and hire.

Last, bring personality.

There has to be something to remember you by. Realtors are a dime a dozen. Take the time to craft who you are and the tone of your character when you’re interacting online. Keep it consistent. Be personable. Be memorable.

Next week, we’ll unpack more about building a brand for yourself in the real estate ecosystem.

Get started telling those stories with Stagger.