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March 21, 2022

Today, I’m pumped to announce that we’re saying goodbye to our public beta and hello to our public launch. The team and I have been building Stagger – a digital design platform that puts building a brand on autopilot – over the last two years. We’ve built Stagger to help small businesses build their brand assets with smart tools. For example, our brand scraper instantly populates your Stagger library with assets from your website and produces design insights that auto-generate designs to match your brand. You almost don’t have to lift a finger.

Our main focus over the last year and half has been listening, learning and iterating from our beta users. In turn, we’re pretty proud of building the design platform that combines intelligent design, insightful analytics, and professional templates to help individuals, small businesses, influencers, and agencies to tell their stories across every digital and social channel.

What makes Stagger unique in a market full of design options is its foundation in storytelling and its focus on brand.

A Commitment to New Features

Along with the core design tools, we’ve spent the last several months building a platform that supports location-based content. This works by using location-sensitive QR codes that deliver Stagger digital Flyers specific to the scanner’s location when they scan it. A new solution to showcase your work online and in real life.

How do you start? Glad you asked. A user like you designs a digital Flyer using the Stagger. If you don’t know where to start, we’ve designed a library of templates to help you get inspired. You then map your Flyer to an address or location and publish the content to your public Stagger profile. 

Next, you’ll want to design a printable sign using your custom location-based QR code that Stagger generates for you. Print this single QR code on as many signs you want and your QR code will display content that’s closest in proximity to the user scanning your sign. And with Stagger’s analytics Dashboard, you can track how many people scanned your QR code and how long they spent on each page of your content. 

We’ve really started to focus on building location-based content to provide new solutions for industries like real estate, architecture, interior design, home builders, and landscaping–where businesses have the opportunity to market their brand as part of an experience tied to a location.

For example, real estate agents can print a Stagger sign using the same QR code for each of their individual listings. Then, when potential buyers scan the QR code, they will only see the home flyer mapped to that property. 

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Thank you to all of our beta users, early adopters, friends, family and investors who have helped and supported us. The work isn’t done and we’re still just getting started.