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Women Making History – Part 3

March 16, 2021

Let me introduce Lizelle van Vuuren. If you haven’t heard about her, what she’s built, and what she’s currently launching in the startup community, today is your lucky day.

I started following Lizelle last year on Twitter while I was desperately looking for women entrepreneurs to follow and learn from. (Yes, this is a common trait that all of the featured women this month have.) She’s the CMO and Co-Founder of Undock, a company with a mission to “save the calendar” and make scheduling your meetings easier. If you follow along in her journey while she “builds in public”, you know that the team does such a successful job at building hype for their launch(es) and product features. (Link in Stagger below!)

Undock team aside, one of the many reasons I enjoy following Lizelle’s specific history-making journey is that she is completely open and transparent about her story and her life. She openly shares the highs and lows of what she experiences in building a company, being an advocate for other females, and small doses of her relationship with her wife sprinkled in. She brings humility and play into everything she shares – and it’s a breath of fresh air for women who are building just like her.

Her startup experience started long before Undock. She’s the founder behind Women Who Startup, a community of women who share a common passion for entrepreneurship and want to be surrounded by other likeminded individuals for encouragement and mentorship. It’s based in Denver but like most online communities, it has a global reach for women all over the world. The commitment she selfishly gives to the community in order to support and inspire is truly something magical to be a part of. Even if it is just sometimes reading a tweet that leaves you smiling.

Speaking of making history. Tomorrow is the second launch event of Undock. Do yourself a favor and follow along and see what they’re about to release. This will give you a sense of why I think Lizelle and her team at Undock are making history.

Save the calendar. Save the world.