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7 Social Media Ideas for Real Estate Professionals Using Stagger Design Templates

January 17, 2022

Looking for a way to breathe life into your real estate marketing? Need real estate marketing ideas for agents? Stagger has free real estate marketing templates to help you boost brand awareness and generate business. 

Why templates?

If you’re a real estate agent right now you’re probably short on time and high on workload. Maybe that’s why 60% of real estate marketing professionals say social media is more important than their website. Social media is a quick, measurable channel to market and communicate with your audience. 

But designing for social media isn’t easy. Especially when it comes to quick, repeatable design. That’s why Stagger created design templates just for real estate agents. Design templates are a great way to give your brand a professional look and feel, without the tribal knowledge of design tools like Adobe photoshop and Illustrator.

Here are some of our favorite templates and how to use them: 

The Neighborhood Guide

They say location is everything. Prove it with this neighborhood guide template. Highlight a new neighborhood or borough each week. It’s not only a great way to feature schools, statistics, and homes, it’s an opportunity to partner with local businesses. Feature the local coffee shop, bodega, and more! 

Put a Name to a Face

It’s 2022 and it looks like we’re not quite done with masks. I met my real estate agent in 2020. I’ve known her for the better part of a year and I still haven’t seen her face behind a mask. Introduce your agents' smiling faces with this template. Think of this as a business card with more than two sides. Add some personality and let your audience know who you are behind the mask with this new real estate agent template.  

The Partner’s Portfolio

Some of the best contractor connections I have made have been through my real estate agent. As an agent, I’m sure you have a roledex of great interior designers, painters, and landscapers. Show off your connections’ talented work with this portfolio template. Better yet, create a portfolio for your business, ask your partners to create one for theirs. Post each other’s portfolios and help one another get access to a new audience.

Just Listed!

Perhaps the most commonly used template in our library, the Just Listed template informs your audience of a hot new property. Highlight the property’s key selling points, and if possible, hire a professional real estate photographer to capture the property’s more beautiful features. We suggest creating your design and sharing it with your sellers for maximum exposure.


The Tower Template

Need to showcase an apartment complex? Use this template to sell your property to a targeted audience by promoting your post on Facebook. For example, does your complex have a nice tennis court? Target potential clients near your complex who don’t own a home and have an interest in tennis. Use this in conjunction with the Neighborhood Guide and repost whenever you have vacancies. This is a great technique for farming real estate leads in your location.

The Open House Template

According to Think Real Estate, the average agent sells about 12 houses per year. That means they’re planning about the same number of open houses. An open house is like a small party. There’s a time, a date, sometimes hors d'oeuvre, and usually some tension. Take some stress out of this process with an Open House Template. Replicate it when needed and get more potential buyers through the door. The worst kind of party is the one with only a few guests. 

Under Contract Announcement 

Turn your wins into brand awareness with this Under Contract template. Create some FOMO in a hot market and let potential sellers know what’s selling in their neighborhood. Showcase your deals and put them aside. At the end of the year create a year in review newsletter and highlight your best deals. 

Need more ideas, templates, or inspiration? Reach out to erik@stagger.com for a free brand discussion to get started with designs that your customers will love.

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