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5 Black Content Creators We Admire for Black History Month

February 2, 2021

Celebrating Black History Month after one of the most grueling years this country has seen in racial justice, it’s a time to reflect on the contributions that Africans Americans have given to this world.

I have loved watching Black creators use different platforms to express their identity, their profession, and their passions. When you think about how self-expression and storytelling has evolved beyond spoken word, visual expression has made a considerable impact in our world.

We’ve had our eye on some of these impactful content creators and want to amplify them and their craft.

1. Moyo2k

Moyo Oyelola is a photographer and multimedia artist based out of Austin, TX. What we love about his craft is the nature in which he captures his subjects. Playful. Dimensional. Emotional. When you engage with his story through the eye of his lens, you’re immediately transported to a world where you’re left to feel empowered and inspired.

2. aliciatenise

Alicia Tenise is a fashion and beauty blogger based our DC. She’s a full-time influencer behind Alicia Tenise, LLC where she blogs about the latest trends in the fashion world. What we love about her visual storytelling is the immediate pops of color you experience when you land on her Instagram. There isn’t one specific color palette that she sticks to which leaves your eye darting from image to image as you’re soaking it in.

3. labrandondates

LaBrandon says is perfectly on his website:

“Living out his passion for creative storytelling.”

LaBrandon is making a name for himself amongst popular brands like Warby Parker, Express, and Gilette. His experience in brand and marketing shows through in keeping his aesthetic consistent and clean throughout his feed. Each image shines with muted tones leaving a classic and tasteful look to be remembered by. LaBrandon does an amazing job of bringing storytelling elements of his travel or product through with perfectly captured visuals each and every time.

4. venitaaspen

Venita Aspen has been on both sides of the camera – and it shows. In front of the camera, she’s been captured for brands like Old Navy, Target, and Anthropologie. On the other side of the camera, She’s no stranger to storytelling with her creative agency, The Aspen Agency. Her agency is aimed at capturing content for brands of any size to help them build their own storytelling. Venita’s work both in front of and behind the camera is strong leaving her work to speak for itself.

5. tosin.oshinowo

Last but certainly not at all least, Toshin Oshinowo. Toshin is the Director of cmDesign Atelier. cmDesign Atelier is a design practice that focuses on architecture, interior design, and design + build. If you’re attracted to clean lines and modern finish, you’ll drool over their portfolio. Based in Lagos, they’re building portfolio pieces that will have you day dreaming about your next dream home.

Toshin’s latest curated feed leaves you feeling like you’re scrolling through a dream-filled, mystical experience that’s been sunkissed with hints of orange.

These are just a small sample of the incredibly talented Black creators that are making the world a more beautiful place to live in and experience.

Who do you want to acknowledge?